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130 Southside Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217      704.749.0773

Charlotte Escape Rooms

We’ve built 7 professionally designed escape rooms for you to try, each with their own unique challenge, game play, and surprises! Click on the room icon below to learn more about the theme, backstory, difficulty level, capacity of each of our rooms, and more.

Check out Fox 46 Charlotte’s video about our Escape Tactic!

Our Charlotte Escape Rooms

Our immersive escape rooms – or escape games – are built by some of the most experienced artists, craftsmen, and thematic set designers in the Charlotte area with unique game play that’s sure to excite and amaze. We want to heighten your senses, get your heart racing, and make you think, but we’re not trying to create a “haunted house” feel. Nothing wrong with that; it’s just not our approach. So you won’t find live actors in our rooms, horror themes, or games that will make it feel like it’s Halloween all year long.

What you will find are creative, challenging puzzles, clues, and locks of all types. You’ll have to use logic, creative thinking, and teamwork to escape and exit our rooms, and you’ll find puzzles that require minor physical work too. It’s nothing you won’t be able to do, but it adds to the excitement and intrigue of our games.

More than anything, our Charlotte escape rooms are designed to give our guests unique, interactive, memorable experiences. We want you to have fun and check out all of the games we have:

See what People are saying about Escape Tactic

  • 5 star review  They are so helpful they will give you as much hints as you need and there place is SO well kept and clean. All the employees are so nice and welcoming. In the waiting area there is practice puzzles and there is beverages and places to keep your things safe. They give a very good explanation on how things work and about the escape room your doing.This is so far the best escape room place I have been to in my life.

    thumb Erin Kirkpatrick

    5 star review  My family and I have done several escape rooms and this one by far was the most fun. We did the King Tut room and it was a blast. We liked that there were several rooms involved. We have been to ones where you are in one room the whole time, this one was segmented into 4 different rooms. The staff was great, if everyone in the room is in agreement to get a hint then the staff will help if you get stuck. We will be back.

    thumb Dori Roberts

    5 star review  We had a great time there! We were in Amazon Survival. Loved that it was multiple rooms and had a variety of different puzzles that challenged us, but weren't too crazy that it was impossible. I was with a group of 6. Some had been to an escape room, and some not. It was just right! Definitely worthwhile. I want to go back and try some of the other rooms!

    thumb Kathryn C
  • 5 star review  Probably the best escape room that I've been to. The most detailed that one that we have seen. We didn't succeed in getting out but had a great time. More switches and locks than just your normal combo locks. We will definitely be back here.

    thumb William Goforth

    5 star review  We love escape rooms and were in town visiting my cousins. We decided to go out and try some around the area. We had a blast with the escape rooms, yes we did two! We started with SEAL and enjoyed it so much we came back to do the MINER room the next day. The facility is amazing. We all plan to continue to go back to complete the rest of the rooms.

    thumb Alyson Macdonald

    5 star review  Went for a retreat with my non profit at the end of June and thoroughly enjoyed it. The gentleman who lead us through the activity was amazing! Very detailed yet brief at the same time with an energetic spirit. Also as we were leaving the young woman who was also working mentioned that she liked and appreciated my “teach for ✊🏽the culture“ T-shirt. That meant a great deal to me! Thank you for acknowledging the work that is critical in uplifting boys of color.

    thumb Keenen Maull