Charlotte Escape Rooms

We’ve built 5 professionally designed escape rooms for you to try, each with their own unique challenge, game play, and surprises!  Click on the room icon below to learn more about the theme, backstory, difficulty level, capacity of each of our rooms, and more.

King Tut's Curse Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
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Flight 282 Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
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SEAL Team Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
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Mine Trap Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
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Amazon Survival Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
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Our Charlotte Escape Rooms


Our immersive escape rooms – or escape games – are built by some of the most experienced artists, craftsmen, and thematic set designers in the Charlotte area with unique game play that’s sure to excite and amaze.  We want to heighten your senses, get your heart racing, and make you think, but we’re not trying to create a “haunted house” feel.  Nothing wrong with that; it’s just not our approach.  So you won’t find live actors in our rooms, horror themes, or games that will make it feel like it’s Halloween all year long.

What you will find are creative, challenging puzzles, clues, and locks of all types. You’ll have to use logic, creative thinking, and teamwork to escape and exit our rooms, and you’ll find puzzles that require minor physical work too.  It’s nothing you won’t be able to do, but it adds to the excitement and intrigue of our games.

More than anything, our Charlotte escape rooms are designed to give our guests unique, interactive, memorable experiences.  We want you to have fun and to tell your friends about your favorite room like King Tut’s Curse or Mine Trap!



Charlotte Escape Room at Escape Tactic

  • King Tut’s Curse
  • Flight 282
  • SEAL Team
  • Mine Trap
  • Amazon Survival