Mine Trap

Updated Set Design with New Puzzles!

You and your team of miners were hard at work deep underground in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  Then your greatest fear was realized – part of the Black Iron coal mine collapsed trapping you and your team underground and in the dark.  The clock has now started.  You know that oxygen is limited, and it’s only a matter of time until you suffocate.  You must break through the fallen rock and wooden support beams, navigate the chambers of the mine and escape into the mine shaft elevator that will take you to safety.  But your path is wrought with peril and dangers.  It will take team work, collaboration, and speed to survive, but if you can escape, you’ll be honored as heroes by the adoring crowds!

Mine Trap features a stunning entrance and is filled with some of the best props, puzzles, and set design we have.  It has incredible, dynamic game play that’s a fan favorite, though this game is best for those who have played an escape room before.  It gives you the eerie feel of a collapsed mine, but the expansive rooms and tall ceilings leave you without a claustrophobic feeling.  Mine Trap will challenge you on multiple dimensions and give you an hour-long experience like never before.

  • Went here last year when my parents came to visit, and we still talk about it to this day. They do an amazing job here. The puzzles are challenging and exciting. This was our first escape room, but we figured out some tactics for our next visit. The staff were super friendly and helpful, and we will be back!

    thumb Dustin D
    May 31, 2020
  • It was a great setting , people are nice and nice challenging puzzles did the SEAL team and it was very fun BUT I think honestly spare time got y’all beat on one thing and that is instead of going into a room with a bunch of strangers we can go in with just people we know , but it has to be at least 2 or more people to go in spare time escape rooms. which is more comfortable and you can focus more on what you’re doing instead of the extra strangers in the room and not knowing what to do per say . Kinda takes the fun out of it with doing it just with your friends and family . Spending damn near 60 dollars could at least let people go in with just people they know especially if it makes the customer comfortable.

    thumb Signora Moore
    March 8, 2020
  • This was actually a lot of fun. The puzzles were difficult, but not frustrating, and was a lot of fun to figure out and piece together. The four crew members we talked to were super nice, and the main one who helped us along was awesome....and extremely patient. cause we are dumb. Thank you Mr. Clay!! We had a blast!

    thumb Zeneeba Pyra
    February 11, 2020
Mine start
Mine shaft
Mine Trap


  • You can think outside the box and see beyond what looks to be obvious
  • The allure of a West Virginia mine has always intrigued you
  • You want a good challenge


  • Don’t wear high heels.
  • Be ready to work as a team
  • Don’t worry about the dark.  You’ll find all the light you need!


There are some hands-on puzzles that are really fun and the mix of puzzle types provides just the right mix of challenging and entertaining.

Total Players:

Escape %:

Difficulty Rating:
4.2 out of 5.0

Best Time:
40:03 (3 hints)

$26 (plus tax) per person

Players per Game:
2 to 10