Charlotte Escape Rooms Remastered


Each escape room will test you with unique puzzles, clues, codes and keys leading you through the game. Solve them together as a team and navigate through the room in order to escape.


It’s a race against the clock. You have just 60 minutes to escape the room! Solve all the puzzles in that time become an #EscapeMaster. Fail and meet your doom!


Escape rooms require team work, communication and collaboration. There’s no way to beat them without it so it makes escape rooms a great option for team building, corporate events, and group outings.

#1 Escape Room in Charlotte 

Escape rooms are immersive live adventure games that challenge players to think creatively, decipher clues, and work together to solve a diverse series of puzzles. Rooms are often themed, and players must use the elements found in the game to "escape the room" within the given time limit – usually 60 minutes.

At Escape Tactic, we avoid using scary themes – though our rooms are meant to get your heart racing – and challenge you with cleverly-crafted clues, messages, hints, and puzzles to see if you have what it takes to escape our professionally designed rooms in under an hour and become an Escape Master!

Escape Masters

Coming Soon to Charlotte’s South End!

Escape Tactic our rooms banner

We’re coming to Charlotte’s South End soon.  We’ve got 5 exit rooms completed with 2 more in development.  Click on the room logo below to learn more about the backstory, theme, and difficulty.

King Tut's Curse Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
Flight 282 Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
SEAL Team Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
Amazon Survival Coming Soon to Escape Tactic
Mine Trap Coming Soon to Escape Tactic

Our Charlotte Escape Rooms


Each of the escape rooms at Escape Tactic are large enough to hold up to 10 players. We’ll open in early 2018 with 6 rooms.  That will give us enough space to hold team building and corporate events for large groups of 60+ people. Plus, we have ample conference room and lounge space available to our corporate team building guests. Use it to hold meetings, plan events, or just debrief your after your escape and hang out.

Our goal was to create thematically intense games that put you into the heart of the story for the entire 60 minutes of your escape game. To make this a reality, we’ve worked with professional game designers, hired the architecture firm that designed the corporate headquarters for Twitter, LinkedIn and other high-profile clients, and tapped into the expertise of local Charlotte set designers and thematic painters to bring our escape room players the best multi-dimensional experience possible.

We’re constantly looking to reinvent and upgrade our experiences. We’ve built our escape rooms to give you an immersive experience you’ll talk about for weeks. That why our games include things like a life sized King Tut sarcophagus, real parts for airplanes such as seats, beverages carts and overhead bins as part of the game play, and so much more.

Each room was meticulously designed to challenge the way you think and solve puzzles. There are puzzles for linear thinkers, creative artists, logical minds, and engineers. And our escape games are built so that larger groups can be working on multiple puzzles at once as you try to escape the room. While our rooms are meant to be challenging and not everyone will escape, intellect has nothing to do with it. Our escape rooms aren’t a test of knowledge but rather a test of communication and problem solving.

That’s why they’re so perfect for corporate team outings.

So whether you’re looking for a great team building event or a night out with friends and family, let Escape Tactic show you the best Charlotte has to offer in escape room experiences!