By far my favorite escape room of all time. The creativity of the room and attention to detail were mind-boggling. (I did the Amazon Survival room, and I forgot I was in Charlotte for a minute there — would highly recommend.) Everything was planned down to a T, and the puzzles, while challenging, were fair and incredibly fun. Plus, the staff was wonderful.

If you’re looking to have a good time (while also exercising your mind), I can promise you won’t get a better value for your dollar than at Escape Tactic.

– Mike A.

Such an awesome experience! I’ve only done a few escape rooms, but this one took the concept to a whole new level! Our team did the King Tut room and I would highly recommend this one. It was very challenging. The amount of detail put into the space was unreal… We felt like we were submerged in an actual Egyptian tomb, super cool! I’m already planning my next trip back.

– Kayla R.

This place is AMAZING! We did the Heels vs Devils room and escaped with a few minutes remaining. The attention to detail really made the room come to life and it was the best escape room I’ve gone to in the area.

 Chelsea C.

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  • Had a work team bonding event and our group was in the Amazon room. The room itself was so well done providing you with a great experience. The puzzles were also very creative and had our group working together as a team to get through the room. Would love to come back with friends as well and try another room.

    thumb Sheena Patel
    July 31, 2018

    This was actually a lot of fun. The puzzles were difficult, but not frustrating, and was a lot of fun to figure out and piece together. The four crew members we talked to were super nice, and the main one who helped us along was awesome....and extremely patient. cause we are dumb. Thank you Mr. Clay!! We had a blast!

    thumb Zeneeba Pyra
    February 11, 2020

    My family and I have done several escape rooms and this one by far was the most fun. We did the King Tut room and it was a blast. We liked that there were several rooms involved. We have been to ones where you are in one room the whole time, this one was segmented into 4 different rooms. The staff was great, if everyone in the room is in agreement to get a hint then the staff will help if you get stuck. We will be back.

    thumb Dori Roberts
    January 5, 2020
  • This place was so dope!! In a great neighborhood too. There were only two of us and we did the Amazon Survival room. We definitely didn’t get out in time, esp since we’re new to this whole escape room thing and are objectively pretty bad at it but we appreciated the ambiance and thought everything was really well put together. It wasn’t super linear which made things a little trickier but that’s not a bad thing at all- just created more of a challenge. But the thing that elevates this place and puts it a notch above was the customer service. The employees at Escape Tactic were exceptional- from the moment we walked in they were talking to us, helping us with the intro puzzles in the waiting room, giving us more information about the place, etc. Honestly you could tell that they were excited about the place which made the experience so much better. They even gave us a sneak peek into their new room (an airplane themed one) which looks absolutely amazing and we will definitely be back to try. Shoutout in particular to Tyler who assisted us at the end- seriously a gem of a human All in all, we’re so glad we gave this place a shot and it’ll definitely be the first place we go to next time we’re craving an escape room!!

    thumb Kimberly Sarro
    August 9, 2018

    We tried the King Tut's Curse room and had an awesome time. The staff was helpful and concise. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. It ended up just being our party of 3, so our staff member (Calvin) did an excellent job getting us through the room while still letting us struggle. We thought the multi-room aspect was very intriguing especially since not every escape room we've been to had that. We will definitely be going back to Escape Tactic for another great experience!

    thumb Caroline David
    July 8, 2019

    We had a fantastic time doing the Amazon room as a family together. I’ve never been to an escape room that was so spacious and with so many connected puzzles/pieces! The staff all seemed great, and Brooke was very helpful anytime we needed a hint. Our kids are already asking when we can go back and do another one!

    thumb Brittany Watson
    May 16, 2019

If you are looking to try an escape room in Charlotte you must try Escape Tactic! Being an escape room enthusiast myself and having played multiple rooms in the area, this place definitely sits at the top. I had the honor of beta testing the local sports themed Devils vs Heels room. Even though the theme didn’t particularly speak to my personal tastes, the room was extremely entertaining. Not only was the room as a whole difficult, the puzzles were engaging, interactive, and well thought out. The owners were really personable and gave us great customer service. Also, their building is beautiful and its located in the heart of LoSo. Currently, they have four unique, diversely themed rooms with plans to open three more. It’s worth trying all their room for sure.

– Bradley M.

Got to try out 2 rooms on opening weekend (Mine and Amazon). Excellent puzzles and themes that I have not seen before! Staff was wonderful and we enjoyed chatting with the owners, who are obviously very passionate about their new business. Awesome location for these rooms as well. Cannot wait to come back to try the other rooms and future rooms as well!!

– Garrett W.

I got to try out the King Tut room as a beta tester and was really impressed with the quality and detailing of the room. The clues were smart and well thought out. I am excited to try out the other rooms…especially the Airplane one! The owners are also really great, nice, and hardworking people that put A LOT of time and effort into this.

It’s also located in a great area. So after you’re done with the room you can walk and grab a bite to eat, drink, or play games.

– Loryn W.

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This is the first time I’ve done an Escape Room of any type and it was SO MUCH FUN! We did the Heels vs Devils game which put you head to head with your rival team to beat the clock! It was great! You don’t have to be a basketball fan to be able to do this, but I’m sure you would love it even more if you were! I’m really excited to see the other games they have to offer, specifically the airplane one they’re currently building.

They’re located in a great area with tons of partnerships with local breweries and bars offering specials. The staff here was so incredibly nice! They were so warm and welcoming and I am always more likely to support a great business with friendly owners and staff. That’s exactly what Scott, Sarah, and their team are! I will definitely be back!!

– Rebekah K.

Tonight I got the chance to beta test a new escape room company in the Billy Graham/Tryon area. First, I loved the location. Located near several breweries, distilleries, etc. it’s in a phenomenal spot for a great night out. The staff is super friendly and really excited about their games. The lobby is warm and inviting with a cool, modern atmosphere.  We played the new game Devils vs. Heels based on the best rivalry of March basketball history. I don’t want to give anything away about the rooms but this one had a very unique, cool setup with two separate rooms merging into one. I thought that the puzzles were good and challenging. One in particular was pretty hard but a cool concept behind it. I thought that it was well designed and you could tell that the owners were very passionate about their work. I really had a great time and I can’t wait to come back!

– Melissa P.

Amazing experience! Went with my husband to work on team building  and communication and I would highly suggest this! Sheryl was AMAZING , it helps to have an on-site  guide to see you through and motivate you. Take a moment, pay the $25 dollars and have a memorable experience you can laugh about in the future!

– Bri C.

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Escape Tactic takes escape room clues and solutions to the next level in a way I haven’t seen in other escape rooms to date! The rooms are challenging, well detailed, and cover a wide variety of topics. Amazon Survival is a multi-room space layered in with great creativity. The detail of the room immerses you into the experience.
To top it off – Escape Tactic is located in a great neighborhood! It’s perfect for coworkers, friends, or couples to grab a drink or meal following the escape room.

– Emily M.

Great Rooms.  Highly Recommend!

We did Amazon Survival and Mine Trap back to back. Fantastic sets, puzzles, and staff. I highly recommend them.

– bshreves

Escape Tactic Rocks!

Just finished a team outing, King Tut’s Curse! All I can say is wow! The puzzles, attention to detail and decorations are awesome!! If you plan on doing an escape room, go here! The location is great as well, with two breweries and some great hangouts all within walking distance. I can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms! Great job Escape Tactic!

– Sam S.

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