Escape Tactic, LLC, its members, representatives or employees will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during a game. Because of the nature of the games, people with heart conditions, anxiety disorders, PTSD, light/sound sensitivity, pregnant women or any other condition that might be heightened or exacerbated by dim or confined quarters should consider if escape rooms are right for them. Participation is at your own risk.  Furthermore, all guests bear sole responsibility for their own health and agree to hold harmless Escape Tactic, LLC, it’s owners, members, employees and staff.  While Escape Tactic, LLC, has made good faith efforts to provide a safe playing environment, the Company cannot protect all guests for all diseases that may be contracted within our facilities, including, but not limited to, coronavirus and COVID-19.  All guests hereby release Escape Tactic, LLC, from any claim related to any disease or sickness that may be contracted onsite.
Once you’ve entered the room, the door will be closed behind you. Per the rules of the game, the door is presumed to be “locked,” but for safety reasons, it shall remain open and you may exit at any time should the need arise. If there is an emergency of any kind, you should immediately exit the room. You shall be responsible for determining for yourself what constitutes an emergency.
Once the game begins you will have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to the final solution that allows you to “escape” the room. If you have not completed the task within 60 minutes, an employee will enter the room and end your game.  You may be award extra time to complete your game based on applicable offers.
For your safety, we require that you follow the written and verbal instructions provided by Escape Tactic, LLC and its members, employees, and representatives. There are no clues or puzzles in the ceilings, walls, and floors nor is there any reason to seek for clues here. Nothing needs to be broken or forced open. This is a challenge of wits, not of strength. DO NOT BREAK OUR ROOMS. Further, you may not remove anything from the rooms for any reason at any time. Anything that is broken, damaged, removed from, or left in the room, including any bodily fluids, which forces us to close a room or requires repairs beyond normal “wear and tear” will be charged to the player(s) in the group include loss of income resulting from such damage.
Escape Tactic, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any player or remove any player from a game for dangerous, belligerent, unruly, unsafe, or otherwise inflammatory behavior at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, players under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any player removed from a game for these behaviors will be escorted from the premises and will not be issued a refund.
All customers play at their own risk. Escape Tactic, LLC, bears no liability for any injuries resulting from our games or items lost during game play. By signing this waiver and playing games at Escape Tactic you hereby agree to play at your own risk and that Escape Tactic, LLC, cannot be held liable for any injuries resulting from game play.
Please note that SEAL Team uses toy guns and has an intense theme where the objective is to “shoot a terrorist.”  It may not be suitable for some audiences or persons suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  If you are uncomfortable with the theme or suffer from PTSD, DO NOT PLAY SEAL TEAM.  Upon reading this, if you are uncomfortable, please alert our staff BEFORE you play “SEAL Team” and we will refund your money or help you find another available game.  No refunds will be given after you play the game.
Cell phones are not allowed in our rooms and must be stored with other personal belongings in the provided storage lockers for the duration of the game.
CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT – By playing our games, you acknowledge that escape rooms rely on secrets in order to operate as a business.  You hereby agree not to publicly disclose any details about our games that may reveal clues, answers to puzzles, or other parts of our game that may negatively impact the experience of other guests or dissuade them from playing at Escape Tactic.  If you fail to comply with this confidentiality clause, you hereby agree to pay a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25) per person exposed to your violation.
By agreeing to the terms below you acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules and that you have never played the room before. You also acknowledge that you are legally authorized to agree to these terms and are doing so of free will. This waiver is valid for the day of the scheduled visit/room.  You also grant Escape Tactic, LLC, to email you at the address provided.

Upon submission of this form, a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided above..