Flight 282

Flight 282

Not long after you board a short evening flight from Charlotte to Washington, DC, things begin to go awry. Soon you learn that the plane has been hijacked by the pilot, and you need to reach the cockpit before the bomb he activated goes off! But you’re back in the Main Cabin and must avoid the traps he’s set to protect his plan by solving various clues, riddles, and puzzles.  You’ll have to navigate your way through the plane, gain crucial access codes and take back control before it is too late!


Flight 282 blends obvious clues with very subtle ones and balances riddles with logic problems.  It’s perhaps our most balanced game with something for everyone.  And while other escape rooms around the country have tried to use an airplane theme for their rooms, no one has built a room quite like this with real airplane seats, beverage carts, overhead bins, and replica parts from a Boeing 737 cockpit.


This is as real as it gets – particularly if you don’t diffuse the bomb in time!

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  • You want a diverse mix of puzzle types
  • Using real plane parts as part of the game sounds like fun
  • You want a slightly easier game


  • Come ready for lots of puzzles in this game
  • Try Flight 282 if you’re looking for something dual-path puzzles for larger groups


We used parts of real airplanes in this game!  And the interaction with multiple senses is fun.

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Difficulty Rating:

4.6 out of 5.0

Best Time:

00:00 (0 hints)


$25 (plus tax) per person

Number of Players:

2 to 10