Escape Tactic was built to create amazing, engaging escape room experiences that will keep you guessing, thinking, and coming back for more. Charlotte is home to us and the location of our flagship location.

Before we opened our first location in Charlotte’s booming South End neighborhood, we worked in marketing and operations at Charlotte’s largest and most inventive marketing firm where we worked diligently to deliver quality experiences to our customers. We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the years and applied it to an experiential, live escape-the-room concept that aims to deliver an experience you’ll talk about for months and will keep you coming back for more.

We use top-of-the-line game designers, engineers, and construction teams to build the games and puzzles that will challenge the way you think.  We know not everyone thinks, acts, learns, or behaves the same of course so we meticulously designed our game experiences to challenge players of all types.  Our escape rooms aren’t a test of knowledge but rather a test of logic.  In many instances, they’ll force you to suspend reality and solve puzzles in a way that you wouldn’t normally do in your everyday lives.  And in every instance, the answer is literally right in front of you – the question is whether you see it or not!

We’re always exploring, testing, and trying new ways to make our experiences better. We want to create experiences that our guests love.  So if you have feedback on how to make Escape Tactic better for you and your friends, please drop us a line at feedback@escapetactic.com.

Our focus is always on our customers and your experience. Our Game Masters are highly trained to maximize your entertainment and help you through your escape room. We’re adept at handling large corporate groups, family outings, and couples on a date too. Escape Tactic is for everyone 10 and up!

Come for a visit, and check us out to see Charlotte’s best entertainment experience. We’re waiting to see if you can become an Escape Master!