Frequently Asked Questions

Planning My Visit

How much does it cost to play an escape room?

All of Escape Tactic’s rooms cost $25 per person (plus tax), and all escape room reservations should be booked ahead of time on our website.  If you have questions, need help, or have a large group, please don’t hesitate to call us at 704.749.0773.

Do we need to make a reservation, or can we just show up?

We recommend booking a reservation as they can fill up fast, but if there are open spots, you’re more than welcome to show up and play.

How old do you have to be to play an escape room?

Because of the subject matter of some of our escape rooms and the challenging nature of the games, all rooms have age restrictions. Please refer to the room descriptions under “Book a Room” for more details.
If you want to book a room for children under the age limits, you must book all slots for the available room. Patrons under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or old.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yep. We have group discounts for groups of 20+ people. Please check out our Team Building page for more information on large groups – even if they’re for more than just team building!

Why do you need my credit card information?

Your credit card is used to book your escape room experience.  All transactions are processed securely, and for security reasons we do not store your credit card info.  We know that can be a little tedious when you come back to book again, but we want to make sure we’re protecting your private information above anything else.

Where do I take my team for a team building event?

Escape Tactic’s escape rooms are perfect for team building activities and large group events! With 6 rooms, we can host up to 60 people per hour with private games just for your group.   You’ll need to  rely on teamwork and communication to solve our puzzles and escape the room, so this is a fantastic team building opportunity. Please see our Team Building page for more details.  When you’re done, make it a complete happy hour by visiting some of the incredible local breweries nearby.

Can we bring alcohol to Escape Tactic?

Well, that would be fun! But we don’t have an alcohol permit so we cannot have any alcoholic beverages on the premises. Any patron who comes in under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not be allowed to enter our escape rooms and participate in the game.

There are, however, some of Charlotte’s best breweries are just steps from our front door.  Be sure to check out

And be sure to check out Golden Cow Creamery for amazing ice cream after your game.  We’re big fans!

What are the best things to do in Charlotte?

Charlotte has tons of great things to do with family, friends, out-of-town guests, and anyone who likes to have fun. The whitewater center, Freedom Park, and the Mint Museum are all great options.  If you’re looking for a memorable experiential entertainment experience, come try one of the escape rooms at Escape Tactic.  We promise it will be an hour you’ll never forget!

Looking for an escape room near you?

Escape Tactic is located in Charlotte. We’re less than 10 minutes from Uptown Charlotte with easy access from the interstate and close to great local breweries – perfect for your post-escape celebration!

What's the escape room near OMB?

Escape Tactic is the closest escape room to OMB (The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery).  We’re just a couple hundred yards away and a few steps from some of the city’s best breweries!

Before My Visit

What if we need to change or cancel an existing reservation?

If you still have your confirmation email, simply click on the link at the bottom of the email, or you can call us at 704.749.0773. But remember, if you cancel within 48 hours of your booking time, your credit card will be charged a no-show fee of 50% of the full booking price, even if you were using a gift certificate.

Do I need to wear anything special?

Escape rooms are meant to be casual and fun so leave the cocktail attire at hire.  Since you’ll be in King Tut’s tomb, Afghanistan, or Black Iron mine, it’s best not to wear high heels and you may not want to wear sandals.  And bring your reading glasses if you use them so you can see all the clues.

What is parking like?

There’s plenty of available parking at and around Escape Tactic.  It’s more fun to carpool so you can prepare your strategy ahead of time and debrief in the car once your game is over, but there’s plenty of parking.

Are the rooms handicap accessible?

Yes, but there is a part of Amazon Survival that is not accessible with a wheelchair.  We tried our best but couldn’t make that work.  It’s still an unbelievable game and worth it for an escape room fan!

Is it dark in the rooms?

All of our rooms have lighting effects that fit the theme.  For most of that it means the lights are dim, but we strive to make sure it’s bright enough so you can see.  It’s no fun if you can’t see to solve the puzzle!  There are no cell phones allowed in our escape rooms, but if you think you’ll need additional light to see, we will provide you with flashlights so you can enjoy your game.

Do I need any special skills or puzzle-solving experience?

Nope.  Just be willing to think creatively, work as a team, explore, and have fun!  And don’t think that a PhD from MIT is going to do you much good.  Escape rooms aren’t about knowledge or science.  They’re about logic and problem solving.

Is there anything I should bring with me?

Nope.  Come as you are.  Dress comfortably, don’t wear high heels, and bring your reading glasses too.

Can I come and play alone?

All of our rooms require at least 2 players, but if others are already signed up, you can come as a single and join an existing game.  And remember, even if you and a guest are the first two to sign up for a room, others could join you later.  If you want a private game, just book all available slots for that game and you’ll be the only ones in there.

Are cell phones permitted?

Sorry, we don’t allow cell phones in our escape rooms, but we have free lockers available in the lobby where you can lock up all of your personal belongings for safe keeping.

What's your best game?

That’s like picking our favorite child!  There all so different, and they’re intentionally designed to challenge you in very different ways.

But….if we have to pick, you absolutely can’t miss Amazon Survival.  The game play is unmatched, and some of the props used in the game have never been use in an escape room anywhere before!

When our yet-to-be-announced 6th game opens, you’re going to want to try that too.  It will unquestionably get A LOT of attention!  There’s a reason we’re keeping it a secret for now! 😀

During My Visit

How many people may play a room at the same time?

Rooms are designed for 2-10 players. Please see our room pages for more details on each specific escape room.

Are your escape rooms hard?

It’s the challenge that makes them fun! All of our rooms are challenging but in different ways. They’ll challenge how you think, act, and solve problems. Our difficulty ratings can be found on our room pages, but don’t worry, if you get stuck our Game Masters will be there to guide you and provide hints along the way. Whatever you want, we can customize the experience to go at your pace. But don’t think that being the smartest person in the room automatically makes it easy. We’ve seem PhDs struggle and 16 year olds fly through puzzles. It’s about logic, teamwork, and communication. And no, we won’t tell you how the story ends if you don’t escape the room. That would ruin the fun!

Are the rooms scary?

Our rooms are not designed to be scary, but they are intended to get your heart racing. We don’t use in-game actors, and no one will jump out at you during the game.


If you’re interested in our take on scary rooms, check out this blog we wrote.

How long is each escape game, and when should we arrive?

Each game is scheduled to last 60 minutes, but you should plan to be here for 90 minutes. It’s recommended that you show up 15 minutes before your scheduled start time so no one is late and you’re on time for the pre-game briefing, and you should plan on 15 minutes after your game is over to collect your belonging, chat it up with your teammates and of course pose for your victory photo once you become an #EscapeMaster!
If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled start time, you will not be allowed to enter the room with the other players and no refund will be given.

If we don’t book all available slots, will we be paired with strangers?

Yes. If there are slots available, other players may book them and join your game. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of our most successful teams are groups of strangers who work together and have fun. However, if you don’t want to play with strangers, simply book all available slots for that game.

What if there’s an emergency, and we need to get out of the room?

The main doors are always unlocked so you can get out at any time in case of emergency.

Are there any physical skills required to escape a room?

Many of our rooms have the lights dimmed to add to the game, but they’re bright enough for most people to see the puzzles and clues. There’s no heavy lifting, jumping, or climbing required, but in some rooms it’s helpful or even necessary to duck or crawl for short periods. We’re always looking for different ways to challenge you, so adding elements of physical challenge is a fun way to augment the mental challenges we throw your way.

What are the best tips to get out of an escape room?

We wrote a longer article on how to escape our rooms, but the three best tips to help your group escape are:

    1. communicate well,
    2. open your mind to unique possibilities,
    3. remember that EVERYTHING can be part of the game.

Oh, and this isn’t a test of strength!  There’s no need to force, pry, or break anything.  If it looks like it should open but doesn’t with a gentle tug, then you need to solve a puzzle to open it!

What if I'm pregnant?

We do not recommend playing any escape room if you’re pregnant.  While our games are not dangerous nor do they require much physical activity, there are items in the room and dim lighting that could lead to tripping and potential trauma to your abdomen.  As such, we explicitly do not recommend our escape rooms for pregnant women; however, you play at your own risk and should make the determination about what is right for you.

After My Visit

Do you sell gift certificates?

We sure do, and they make great gifts for anyone who loves a challenge and likes to have fun! You can get them here.

We didn’t escape on our first try. Can we try again?

Absolutely! Most people don’t escape on their first try and want to gain closure. We’re happy to help you re-book the room while you’re onsite or give us a call at 704.749-0773.  You can book again online too, but make sure you book the entire room.  We don’t allow players who have already played a room to play with first timers.  That’s just not a fun experience for those playing the room for the first time!

We had a blast! What’s next?

Making your experience memorable is why we’re here! Once you’ve become an #EscapeArtist, try the rest of our rooms, and see if you can beat them all. The best thing you can do it tell your friends and put great reviews about us online. Our business grows as more people learn about Esape Tactic here in Charlotte, and the faster we grow the more new rooms we can build for you to play. You can fill out reviews for us on our site.

How can I work at Escape Tactic?

If you had fun playing our games and think it would be fun to work at Escape Tactic, we’re always looking for great people who love to have fun to join our amazing team.  Please check out our Careers page and then contact us for the next steps.

When will you open other games?

Well, it just depends.  As we launch, we’ll open new games relatively quickly, and over time we’ll add new games and swap out existing ones to constantly give you new and unique escape room experiences.

I have a great idea for a puzzle or game! What should I do?

Tell us!  We love to hear creative ideas about how we can create better puzzles, new games, and more exciting experiences to thrill escape room fans like you.  Just email us at [email protected].  If we like your idea, we may even ask you to collaborate with us to help bring it to life!