King Tut’s Curse

King Tut’s Curse

Legend has it that the Egyptian god Aten put a curse on the young King Tut after he made all Eyptian’s worship the god Amun. This curse can only be broken by reuniting King Tut’s crook and flail – relics of Amun. Nearly 100 years after Howard Carter founded King Tut’s tomb in 1922 there is still no sign of Tut’s crook. It is known that in his tomb there is only the flail, but the whereabouts of the crook are unknown and must be paired with it in order to break Aten’s spell.

You and your team of archeologists have been sent to find Tut’s Crook and break Aten’s spell, but legend says that whomever spends more than one hour in Tut’s tomb will also bear the burden of Aten’s curse. You’ll have 60 minutes to break the spell or be cursed forever!

This is what we mean by a truly “immersive” experience.  From the moment you walk in you’ll feel like you’re in an ancient Egyptian tomb with Egyptian relics, symbols of the gods, stone walls, hieroglyphics, secret passageways, and a life size King Tut sarcophagus.  King Tut’s Curse has it all – making this truly one of our favorites!

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  • You want to test your patience and determination
  • You want a room of medium difficulty
  • Ancient Egypt has always intrigued you


  • Don’t wear high heels
  • Be ready for the magic of Egyptian gods


Players love the immersive design of truly feeling like you’re in an Egyptian tomb.  And a life sized replica of Tut’s sarcophagus is part of the game!

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Difficulty Rating:

4.7 out of 5.0

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$25 (plus tax) per person

Number of Players:

2 to 10