Amazon Survival

Amazon Survival

You and your teammates have been captured by the Shuar, a tribe of head hunting natives living deep in the Amazon rainforest. You’re trapped in a make-shift prison and you’ve all been infected by the Shuar with the poison from the poison dart frog. If you don’t find the antidote that comes from the Kapok tree within 60 minutes, you will die an agonizing death, and your head will become a trophy to the Shuar leader.

Getting out of your prison may be the easy part. Once out you must navigate the dangers of the jungle, avoid the Shuar hunters who have been sent to recapture you, and then you must find the elixir from the Kapok tree in time to reverse the deadly effects of the poison.

Amazon Survival is like no other escape room you’ve ever played before.  It’s an intensively themed jungle room with incredible design, realistic props, and over-the-top puzzles that include physical skill and creative problem solving.  The room includes a whopping 60 gallons of water as part of the game!  And that may not even be the most exciting part!

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  • You want to experience perhaps the most immersive escape room ever built.
  • You want to feel like you’re in the Amazon!
  • Playing an “outdoor” themed game seems exciting


  • Don’t wear high heels
  • Be ready for clues and puzzles you’d never expect
  • Watch out for animals!


The entire game is built around the Kapok tree.  It makes for a different type of game than you’ve probably played before.

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Difficulty Rating:

4.8 out of 5.0

Best Time:

00:00 (0 hints)


$25 (plus tax) per person

Number of Players:

2 to 10