Escape Tactic Puzzle Scholarship

Escape Tactic Puzzle Scholarship

The 1st Annual Escape Tactic Puzzle Scholarship is now closed for applications.  We had an overwhelming group of fantastic group of submissions this year.  We were blown away by both the quantity and quality.  Below are our 4 Semi-Finalists for the $1,000 scholarship award.  The final selection will be made on February 1st, 2018.   Thank you to everyone who submitted their applications.


2017 Semi-Finalists

Semi-Finalist #1

Name: Mia Couch

School: College of the Redwoods.  Hoping to attend UC Davis

Area of Study: Computer Science

Submission: created an incredible “bomb” for use in an escape room.  Watch here video here:

Semi-Finalist #2

Name: James Eister

School: Clemson

Area of Study: Engineering

Submission:created plans for a Plinko-like game that ties into electromagnets to open a lock and reveal a secret compartment.  We’re not showing the plans here as there might be a chance you see this in one of our rooms!


Semi-Finalist #3

Name: Tasha Determan

School: University of South Dakota

Area of Study: Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture

Submission:Emojiku – an exciting take on Sudoku




Semi-Finalist #4

Name: Elizabeth Hsieh

School: University of California – Berkeley

Area of Study: STEM

Submission: created a 3-dimesional puzzle cube.  We’ll use it as a lobby puzzle at Escape Tactic.  This was the only physical puzzle we received, and it was much harder than it looks!


About Escape Tactic

Escape Tactic is the creator of 6 highly immersive escape rooms in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Their founders love puzzles, creativity, and thrilling people with brain games that excite.  They enjoy using the escape-the-room games to help people escape-the-norm.  This is the first year for the Escape Tactic Puzzle Scholarship but certainly not the last!